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The Lost & Stolen web pages are viewed on average 50 times a day and can be much more if medal Auctions are starting shortly.

It’s important to add as much information as possible about the medal you are listing so it can easily be identified if located, particularly name and service number. This will help Police and others identify if a medal has been stolen when comparing a medal to the database.

You must have a Police Crime reference to list medals on the Lost & Stolen website page. This will act as a deterrent and make collectors and others think twice about buying stolen medals as well as helping locate medals that have been lost or stolen.

Without a Police Crime reference, your medal listing on the site will be worthless. Every year thousands of medals are lost or stolen. Make your medals stand out and easy to detect if found.

How long does the listing stay on the site?

Your listing remains on the lost & stolen website page indefinitely or until we are contacted by Police to remove the listing.

We keep you and Police informed by email of any information we receive in relation to your listing.

It’s important that if you change your email address we are notified.